Thursday, September 10, 2009

August finished projects

When I posted the July projects, I said that August would be a better month for sewing, and I was right! I actually finished more items, but the camera battery died while I was taking pictures, so I will show them in another post.

The first two pictures are items made entirely from leftovers from previous projects,and will be donated to a local charity that raises funds for breast cancer patients. There are 3 trivet/potholders, and a small table runner.

This table runner is a bit larger than the previous one, and will be a gift. Perfect for fall colors!

This is an apron for Jacki to wear when she is teaching. I embroidered school related designs on the pockets. No pattern for this one. I looked at some pictures and figured it out on my own.

I made myself a shirt out of this fabric early in the summer, and had some left, so I made Jacki a shirt also. It's hard to see, but there is a Vshaped cutout at the neckline.

I actually made Jacki this apron for her birthday back in the spring, but never got a picture of it. She is showing off the cake she made for Grandma Lynda, (my mom) for her birthday.

My mom with the tote bag I made her. The blue square on the front is actually a pocket, and I embroidered it with a fern design to match the print on the lighter fabric.

These are kitchen sized towels, embroidered with various designs. I am thinking of keeping the tan one, and the other two will go into the gift box.

Saving the best for last, David and Emily's wedding quilt is finished! I put it on our bed to take the picture. I made pillow shams to match. I hope they enjoy using it, as much as I enjoyed making it.

Hattiesburg trip

Jacki and I traveled to my future daughter in law's hometown in early August, to attend a wedding shower for Emily and take care of other wedding related items. While we were there, Jacki ordered her bridesmaid dress, I found a dress, and we secured a site for the rehearsal dinner. Plus we got to know her family a bit better, and attended the shower. The bridesmaids held a recipe shower for Emily, and everyone brought their best recipe and the ingredients to make it and the pan, etc that it required. Let's just say they will have a very full pantry!

David wasn't able to come for the shower, but he arrived late Sunday night and we spent all day Monday with him. He brought their wedding invitations with him and we all spent some time folding and sealing them. He designed them himself and did all the artwork.

Jacki, David and Emily with the stromboli they made for supper. This was the recipe I gave Emily at the shower, and is one of David's favorites.