Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Two Medicine

Today we moved to the East side of the park, where the weather is much nicer.  This area is typically drier, but windier, and that proved to be true.  We hiked this easy, wheelchair accessible trail to Running Eagle falls.  Since it was still spring, there was a lot of snow melt, and so the waterfalls were full and beautiful. Two Medicine is known as the Backbone of the World to the Blackfeet Indians, who used this area for hunting and spiritual quests.

Two Medicine Lake.  We hiked along its' shore for about two miles.

Mt. Sinopah is over 8000 ft elevation.  It's safe to say we didn't scale it.Glacier Lily.  We only saw a few of these, but later the fields will be covered with them

The Two Medicine General Store was built by the railroad that originally brought tourists to the area.  It's now considered a historic site.  The inside is a typical National Park store, complete with a cafe where we ate lunch.

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Dee said...

Such a funny name for a place. Your photos (as always) are beautiful!!!