Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Who goes to Cape Cod in January?

1/30/15  A Pappy and Gigi who miss their grandkids, that's who!  We found a good price for the flight, and were lucky to get in and out between snowstorms.  We were there for the Super Bowl, which the Patriots won, so it was a good time for all!
Obviously I'm very behind on posting, but I want to remember the trip, so bear with me
Steve finally got to see his newest grandaughter
Josiah is learning from the master!

These kids love each other so much!  It's wonderful to see how good Sarah and Josiah are with Lydia.

They had a lot of snow!  It was over 3 feet deep in their yard.  Fortunately the city keeps the streets plowed, so getting around wasn't a problem.  Both of these snow pictures were taken by David.

My girls!

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Anonymous said...

Is Steve drinking from the faucet???? LOL